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Custom Built Analytical Instruments

We have experience in developing customized instruments for more than two decades. Take advantage from our engineering know-how for your specific application.

PTR-MS systems, adapted for flight campaigns

More than a dozen of PTR-MS instruments have already been fitted into special racks, designed for the use in aircraft. Each unique and one of a kind, specially constructed with the skill of our engineers according to your needs. If you plan a flight campaign, let us build a custom instrument for you or hand over your existing instrument to us and we integrate it into a flight-approved rack.

PTR-MS installed in mobile labs

Overcome one of the biggest drawbacks of lab-based in-situ instrumentation and get mobile! IONICON’s custom built analytical instruments can be integrated in mobile measurement labs including passenger cars, measurement vans, ships and many other means of transportation. Wire rope isolators protect your instrument against shocks and vibrations. Successfully monitor VOCs at virtually any place, follow emission plumes and track air pollution impacts where it matters!

Modular, lightweight and small custom TOF-MS

Do you face constraints in weight or size? We can help! Our engineering team builds modular versions of our instruments with a reduced weight and size impact, like the PTR-TOF QB. A smaller footprint is possible by higher density of internal components and the careful rearrangement of parts. Moreover, specially crafted mounting solutions and racks can be provided.

A challenge is building an instrument in two modular bases placed next or on top of each other, allowing for various layout options. Our options give you a more versatile and flexible scope of using PTR-TOFMS during e.g. campaigns with a reduced size and weight access or site e.g. loading ports of ships, helicopters, research aircraft or measurements towers. Tell us your requirements and we will work out a solution!

PTR-MS coupled with GC-MS systems

give access to the advantages of both technologies. Separation of VOCs by gas chromatography (GC) and simultaneous monitoring by PTR-MS make identification of complex PTR-MS spectra feasible.

PTR-MS inlet system options

including multiple sampling ports, valves, heating hoses in different combinations are available on demand. Our specialists are willing to satisfy your needs. Let's talk about the possibilities. Challenge our engineers!

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