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Autosampler for PTR-MS

Autosampler for automated head-space analysis with PTR-MS.

Static and dynamic head-space analysis
Up to 270 vials (10/20 ml)
Integrated software for use with PTR-MS


The enormous measurement speed of a PTR-MS allows for real-time monitoring or fast sample analysis. In the latter case, it can be laborious to manually provide samples as fast as the PTR-MS can measure. We have therefore developed an autosampler for the automated analysis of sample vials. 


The PTR-MS autosampler consists of a highly reliable, industrial autosampler that has been modified for optimal interaction with a PTR-MS. We have taken special care of the sample transfer, optimized for trace VOCs. Different modes are available for static or dynamic analysis of head-space in sample vials. 

Liquid, solid, or gas samples are placed in glass vials, closed by a septum. The autosampler can be equipped with multiple trays to load up to 270 vials (20ml) simultaneously. Trays for different vial sizes are available upon request. 
A custom-made software controls the sampling as well as the PTR-MS measurement for integrated and consistent data. Several pre-programmed sampling protocols can be further optimized for your specific application. 

Operating modes and functions

Static head space measurement mode

In the static head-space mode a defined volume of gas is extracted from a vial into a heated syringe. The gas is subsequently injected into an injection cell, to which the PTR-MS inlet is connected. A controlled flow of clean gas through the injection cell and the programmable injection speed can be used to adjust the dilution rate of the sample gas. This built-in dilution functionality is especially useful for applications where high concentrations would otherwise compromise the measurement, as is often the case for food and flavor samples. 
To minimize retention effects, the injection cell is sulfinert coated and heated. After sampling, the syringe can be flushed by a flow of clean air to diminish carry-over effects.  

Dynamic head space measurement mode

For dynamic and continuous analysis of the head-space of a vial, the autosampler is equipped with an additional holder to mount the heated inlet hose from the PTR-MS. This allows to connect the PTR-MS inlet capillary to the outlet port of a double needle adapter. The sampling vial is transported to a specific tray position close to the heated hose and subsequently penetrated using the double needle adapter. Head-space is sampled by the PTR-MS, while the flush mode of the syringe is used to replenish the gas. 

Additional functions

Our auto sampler allows the implementation of several additional modules. Routinely installed, for example, is a double-needle adapter that also allows to rinse vials with clean air to remove room-air contaminants. 


Technical specifications


Dimensions (w x h x d) • Table-top configuration
• Dimensions: 130x80x80cm (W x H x D)
Weight Depends on configuration
Trays, sample vials • a maximum of up to 6 tray holders can be installed (depending on configuration)

• a maximum of 270 vials (10/20ml) can be loaded (depending on configuration)

Sample racks in different sizes, temperature regulated trays, and additional tray holders available on request.

Injection cell (static head-space) • Heating range: ambient to > 100 °C