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FUSION PTR-TOF aboard NASA DC-8 over the Philippines

The NASA DC-8 flying laboratory has arrived in the Philippines. Aboard the DC-8 is an IONICON FUSION PTR-TOF 10k and a FUSION PTR-TOF 4000.

Training and Networking – "hands-on" PTR-MS 2024

hands-on PTR-MS 2024 broke all records - lectures, workshops and the new IONICON livelabs cathered to three intensive days of PTR-TOF training

The 9th International PTR-MS Conference, Seefeld, Austria

Must-attend PTR-MS forum attracted close to 100 conferees. First event in 5 years - at the beginning of 2024, the International PTR-MS Conference was held for the 9th time...

2023 Innovation Award for CHARON FUSION PTR-TOF

An independent jury decided that the FUSION PTR-TOF incl. new fully-integrated CHARON particle inlet system is among the major innovations of 2023.

NASA ASIA-AQ Campaign supported by FUSION PTR-TOF

Aircraft-ready FUSION PTR-TOF organic trace gas & particle monitor to be loaded aboard NASA's DC8 flying laboratory for ASIA-AQ campaign.

FUSION PTR-TOF incl. new CHARON particle inlet at CERN

Currently a FUSION PTR-TOF incl. CHARON is already deployed at CERN for the CLOUD campaign, contributing to important climate research.

New CHARON particle inlet for FUSION PTR-TOF

The new CHARON particle inlet for FUSION PTR-TOF enables unprecedented limits of detection for both, the gas phase and particles.

FUSION PTR-TOF 10k in Analytical Chemistry Journal

In this paper we present a thorough characterization of the instrument that illustrates IONICON's genuine PTR-MS grade ion chemistry combined with ultrahigh sensitivities up to 80 000 cps/ppbV.

Chocolate Analysis with PTR-TOF 10k and FUSION PTR

Complex Food & Flavor Headspace Analysis with PTR-TOF 10k and the FUSION PTR demonstrate benefits of high mass resolving power and extreme FUSION sensitivity for fast measurements.

300 & 600 Times of Success

In first half of 2023 we celebrated more than 600 PTR-MS instruments sold and over 300 ioniTOF mass spectrometers built by our team