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Our Solutions for Data Acquisition, Processing and Gathering Insights

Having the best possible analytical instrument is only one part of the story. Software is what makes the difference and getting more and more important as our air monitoring products get more powerful and produce more data.

We have a team of in-house experts, most of which not only passionate software developers but also physicists, mathematicians and scientists working with our instruments themselves.

They know what’s at stake. Here we present you the portfolio of our most important tools that enable you working with our analyzers, from data acquisition, to processing, viewing, analyzing and automatically evaluating with pattern matching substance libraries.

Flexible real-time data acquisition system for TOF-MS

ioniTOF Data Acquisition Software

The professional IONICON data analysis tool

PTR-MS Viewer

The new, powerful and fast data analysis suite IDA

IONICON Data Analyzer (IDA)

Industrial Monitoring Software for PTR-MS

Automated Measurement and Evaluation (AME)