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Environmental Research

PTR-TOF is the solution for monitoring trace VOCs in the atmosphere

The benchmark method for fast, quantitative and ultra-sensitive analysis of almost the entire range of atmospheric organics. PTR-MS is used in a wide range of applications in environmental research.


  • Robust and reliable technology for sampling of atmospheric volatile organic compounds at ultra low trace levels (single-digit pptV and below).
  • H3O+ primary reagent ions quantitatively ionize almost the entire range of non-methane organics in the atmosphere.
  • PTR-TOFMS allows for a targeted (e.g. monitoring of aromatic species) and untargeted analysis (e.g. analysis of oxidation products) of your sample on a molecular composition level.
  • Analyze even the stickiest compounds (e.g. PAHs or highly oxidized compounds) with our EVR option.
  • Additional acquisition modes enhance the selectivity of your measurements. These include a separation of isomers by FastGC or the use of alternative reagent ions like NO+ and NH4+.
  • Expand the capability of your PTR-TOFMS from the gas-phase to the particle phase with our genuine CHARON particle inlet.


Emission studies

Emission studies probably reflect one of the broadest ranges of applications for PTR-MS. These studies have in common that they often require a high dynamic range for the detection of VOCs from sub-pptV concentrations up to ppmV levels. PTR-MS easily covers this range! Typical emission studies include:

Reaction kinetics studies

PTR-MS is the ideal analytical equipment to understand the reaction kinetics occurring in the atmosphere. H3O+ mode allows to quantitatively following the photo-chemical decay of parent molecules and the rise of primary products. The even softer A.NH4+ mode is optimal to characterize further oxidized products including esters and peroxides. Reaction kinetics studies include:

Measurements on mobile platforms

PTR-MS is a very robust technology that allows to be deployed in/on mobile platforms. Have a look at the dedicated mobile VOC monitor PTR-TOF QB or contact IONICON for customized mobile solutions. Possible platforms include:

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