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Essentials of IONICON PTR-MS

Important Ion Chemistry Quality Dimensions

The 4 essential cornerstones that determine the IONICON-grade, patented PTR-MS ion chemistry quality

Essentials of an IONICON-grade PTR-MS

When you see the abbreviation "PTR-MS" you expect an IONICON-grade instrument and trust in our renowned product quality. After all, more than 400 IONICON PTR-MS instruments yielded hundreds of high-impact papers and allowed gaining insights in various science domains. But, what determines a real IONICON-grade PTR-MS and how does it compare to other CIMS technologies that sometimes are also claimed to be "PTR-MS"?

With our expertise and experience in ion chemistry, ion molecule reactions and mass spectrometers we compiled a grid of 4 major factors that we consider the fundamental quality cornerstones of a real PTR-MS. A technology only available from IONICON.

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Ultra-Pure Ionization

Our ultra-pure ionization technique combines the production of clean primary ion signals with IONICON's homogeneous and fully controllable ion-molecule reaction chamber. Therefore only IONICON PTR-MS allow for measuring of complex mixtures of VOCs without significant artifacts.

Soft Ion-Extraction

IONICON's Ion-Booster and Hexapole Ion-Guide significantly increase sensitivities and at the same time don't affect ionization and extraction conditions into the TOF-MS. IONICON PTR-TOF comes with patented ion-chemistry quality and the TRU-E/N technology.

Quantitative Results

IONICON-grade PTR-MS offer a predictable instrumental response function. Combined with our ultra-pure ionization and soft ion-extraction, we can therefore quantify uncalibrated VOCs simply based on reaction rate constants.

Real-Time Response

As the "gold standard" for real-time response, the IONICON PTR-MS technology offers sub-second response times of most organic compounds in the VOC and IVOC range. With the new EVR technology our analyzers outperform even the fastest CIMS in the market. IONICON's exclusive CHARON particle inlet even extends the real time response to condensed SVOCs and LVOCs.