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Multiple Inlet Systems for Analytical Instruments

Multiport sampling devices, based on multiplexing valves or custom built gas-stream selectors allow for sampling at different location and bring down your cost per sampling point.

Multiplexing valves

We offer a variety of valves for splitting the available inlet ports of your system in two or three (e.g. two-way, three-way valves made of PTFE or PEEK). You can also increase available inlet ports by multiplexing valves providing 12, 16, 18 ports or more. Such valves are a very cost-effective and proven way to multiply the locations you can sample many times. We have tested these valves and offer them integrated into the inlet system of your PTR-MS! All you need to do is go on sampling!

Custom built gas-stream selectors

We are a solution based technical engineering company and even complex systems of sampling set-ups, gas stream-selectors or valve-arrays can be offered to you. We can even take care of calibration and zero-gas/filtration options and provide the right lines and necessary pumps for your measurement task. It's all about catching the sample right at the spot and having it introduced into your analytical instrument asap without losing too much of your sample to wrong-chosen material of your sampling lines. Think about it...or speak with us!