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Real-Time PTR-MS trace VOC Analyzers
Our PTR-MS instruments are considered the “gold standard” for real-time organic trace gas analysis. Being robust, fast, accurate and extremely sensitive we outperform highest expectations.
Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers
Benefit from our unique modular TOF-MS systems, purpose-built for your experimental set-up, from entry-level to high mass resolving power. Consult with our R&D experts and get the analyzer you need.
Air Monitoring Solutions & Services
We conceive fully automated air and trace gas monitoring solutions supplying crucial data for process engineers and executives. Rely on our analyzers, trusted by numerous industrial customers.

The Company

IONICON is the world's leading manufacturer of ultra-sensitive real-time trace gas analyzers based on the unique Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) and proprietary SRI-MS technology. IONICON also produces industrial process monitoring solutions, modular time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometers for research & OEM, and offers analytical services.


Breath Test Detecting COVID-19

60-second breath test to detect COVID-19 with IONICON PTR-TOFMS. Singapore start-up develops fast breath test based on PTR-TOF technology and BET breath sampling inlet.
Extended Volatility Range PTR-MS Sets the Benchmark for Speed

EVR PTR-MS Response Times Outperform Other CIMS

IONICON PTR-TOF instruments deployed for COVID-19 research in breath

COVID-19 Detection in Breath

Live from EGU 2020 online, we would like to share these new videos

Lectures on CHARON PTR-TOF for VOC and particle analysis

Puff-by-puff analysis of e-cigarettes, ENDS, vaporizers with IONICON PTR-MS

Watch Novel ENDS Breath Sampling Interface for PTR-TOF in Action

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