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We are committed to continuously improve our products, services and to develop new high-performance tools for our customers. IONICON is a one-stop-shop for all your VOC monitoring needs for both, academia and industry.


Why IONICON PTR-TOF / PTR-MS instruments?

  • PTR is a very efficient and soft ionization method leading in high sensitivity and low limit of detection, little to no and adjustable fragmentation
  • PTR-MS does not require pre-separation, such as GC, nor sample preparation
  • PTR-TOF instruments analyze in real-time and deliver exact concentrations within sub-seconds
  • PTR-TOF instruments have proven high mass resolution and high sensitivity over a broad mass range
  • PTR-TOF instruments can analyze hundreds of organic and inorganic compounds, which can be extended by SRI (Selected Reagent Ions)
  • IONICON instruments are known to be robust and reliable - the MTBF of our instruments is > 24 months
  • In contrast to other manufacturers IONICON's PTR-TOF employ well-defined ion chemistry conditions and patented TRU-E/N technology

IONICON PTR-MS for all applications

IONICON PTR-MS instruments are fast, sensitive, accurate and extremely robust. Our customers deploy them all over the world in various environments: From the Amazon rain forests to the Arctic, from petrochemical plants to hospitals, in semiconductor clean-rooms and on mobile platforms, such as mobile labs and even aboard NASA aircrafts. Please see our application case studies for more details.

Is PTR-MS a fit for your analytical challenge? Please contact us and we'll find out! We also invite you to a free showcase.

What makes the difference?

IONICON's experience is your benefit! With our know-how as the inventors of PTR-MS combined with years of active research in this field we consult our customers enabling a fast return on investment and maximum insight from the data gathered. Extensive customer support and individual expert training is what IONICON is renowned for. Learn more on the numerous technologies behind our analytical instruments, get to know us better and have a look at our FAQs.


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