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Affordable TOF platform for academic research From low, to mid and high-resolution
Positive or negative polarity available.

ioniTOF Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers

IONICON is known for PTR-MS mass spectrometry since 1998. The first TOF based PTR-MS analyzer was launched in 2007 and soon became a huge success, predominately in the high-end academic research market.

We began our own TOF developments with the aim to build a robust and flexible TOF platform for our own production as the world’s leading PTR-TOFMS producer but now we also strive to let others benefit from our customizable, affordable, open-architecture ioniTOF platform.

The ioniTOF is a modular set-up that is available in various flight-path lengths options, from very compact, over mid-market to high-resolution. Our experience in building hundreds of PTR-MS instruments is what we offer you when providing the analyzer you need for experimental TOF set-ups in academic research or the development of commercial end-user TOF systems. As integral parts of the IONICON PTR-TOFMS series, all ioniTOF components, such as electronics and vacuum system, are produced with high quality and have been thoroughly field tested.

Our long-term partnership with renowned vacuum parts manufacturers and other related suppliers allows us to offer you even auxiliary parts as a one-stop shop experience, incl. pressure gauges, vacuum pumps, lines, instrument racks etc.
IONICON is your reliable TOF partner, from a single unit to foster your research project to being an OEM supplier.

ioniTOF Platform Ecosystem

Flight path lengths and mass resolving power
The ioniTOF platform has been conceived as a unique modular system that allows us to offer entry-level, mid and high-resolution TOFs based on the same the peripheral components. One of the unique features of the ioniTOF is that we designed it as a multi-stage TOF and therefore are very flexible when it comes to your choice of the desired mass resolving capability.

From our shortest flightpath with the ioniTOF 1000 where we achieve a resolution of up to 2000 to the medium range ioniTOF 4000 and 6000 with a resolution of more than 4000 and 6000 respectively. The new flagship ioniTOF 10k is now available with a resolution of more than 10,000.

Make a choice according to your needs! If you ever change your mind and need more resolution, we are able to upgrade your ioniTOF. We’ve got you covered with the unique ioniTOF ecosystem.

Options, Polarity, ION-GUIDES, Interfaces and more...

Positive or negative ionization? Up to you!
Apart from more than 500 PTR-MS instruments sold that rely on positive chemical ionization (CI) processes, we designed our product to provide you with a set-up for negative ionization which we now use e.g. for our new APi-TOF or custom CI-TOF end-user products. This flexibility in combination with engineering know-how will take your projects to the next level.

Our extensive experience in ion chemistry and PTR-MS innovations lead to the development of several tools that allow for an improved ion transmission into our TOFs such as ion funnels, transmissions optics, multipole ion guides etc.

One of them is the IONICON hexapole ion guide that transmits a wide range of ions and additionally focuses them to a narrow beam, yielding a much better sensitivity and resolution.

The versatile and performant ioniTOF software allows you to start working with your TOF right away. This software has been extensively tested and is constantly improved as a part of the IONICON PTR-TOFMS series development.

For integration of OEM TOFs into your own software interfaces we provide driver libraries for as well as extensive documentation and support.

Your TOF-MS project

All these benefits are now also available for you. Build your own instrument for academic research or consult with us concerning an OEM delivery to equip your project with the front-end, ion guides and time-of-flight mass spectrometers, incl. the vacuum and electronic components, software and all our expertise. A pleasant und streamlined experience from only one supplier for an affordable price that has been unheard of before.
So many possibilities, but how to start? Let our experts help you and contact us right now!

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