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Industrial VOC Monitoring

We offer customized and automated air monitoring solutions for reliable industrial process VOC monitoring.

Benefits of IONICON monitoring systems

We combine the advantages of our technology with an easy-to-use interface and an automated system software in order to create robust automated VOC analyzers for industrial production sites.

Low cost per sampling point

Due to our very low detection limits (< 1 pptv) and our ultra fast sampling and detection system (response time < 100 ms) we are able to monitor different sampling points with one instrument in a very advantageous time per measurement cycle.

Modular software

Our in-house software department develops software solutions according to your individual monitoring needs. We have a modular system software that fulfils your requirements in terms of identified substances, measurement cycles, sampling points, alarm settings and triggered actions. One-button operation using a touchscreen display and data interfaces facilitate the integration into existing monitoring networks. We call this AME: Automated Measurement and Evaluation.

Scalable solution

Our inlet solutions are based on our customers’ requirements for sampling points, sample line lengths and the desired sampling frequency. Therefore we can provide a wide range of solutions for small to very large plants and for one or for many sampling points/lines.

Custom multiplexing inlets

The IONICON engineering department has experience in designing customized multiplexing solutions based on your needs. Different valve and layout options are available depending on the number of sampling ports, the gases to analyze, length of lines and other criteria. We can create an integrated solution for your application.


Our instruments are software controlled in order to auto-check their performance and built-in calibration for the specific monitoring task. The user interface is operator friendly and displays a clear overview of necessary information to keep workplaces and your plant safe.

Optimized for fast maintenance

Our technology does not need any expensive gases, water flow or compressed air to work and our engineering focuses on accessibility of critical parts. Thus the operational costs and maintenance needs are low compared to other systems. A structured service plan with distinct maintenance intervals allows our customers to calculate operational costs.

Case Study: AMC-Monitor

A prominent example of an IONICON solution for automated trace gas monitoring is the semiconductor industry. We developed a fully integrated system for detection of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in cleanrooms and processes of wafer production, handling and transport. Learn more...

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