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Waste Incineration

Monitoring of waste incineration and dioxin emissions

Dioxin, furans and other harmful compounds emitted by incineration plants can be monitored for safety and process optimization.

Process monitoring with PTR-MS in waste incineration plants

Dioxin, furans and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by incineration plants can be harmful to our health and our environment when present in the air in certain concentrations. The emission of dioxin depends on criteria which is not completely determined but related to incineration conditions such as chemical composition of waste or physical form.

The PTR-MS solutions of Ionicon give incinerator operators and control agencies the ability to quantify relevant compounds in real-time, without complicated measurement set-ups and at a detection limit as low as 5 pptv. Exhaust gas can be analyzed directly and not from samples taken before. Therefore the emission effects of specific materials can be measured during the whole burning process.

The measurement of dioxin surrogates or indicators such as chlorophenols and naphthalene by using a PTR-MS was successfully demonstrated at incinerator plants in Japan*. The results show that the occurrence of monochlorophenols and naphthalene was dramatically changed with variations of incineration conditions in short time periods.

*Dr. Akio Shimono and Dr. Makoto Naganuma, Sanyu Plant Service Co., Ltd., Japan