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Compact IONICON PTR-TOF-MS - Trace VOC Analyzer

The smallest, lightest and most affordable time of flight based PTR-MS.
Sensitivity: > 200 cps/ppbv
Resolution: > 1500
LoD: < 10 pptv


The PTR-TOF 1000 is an IONICON PTR-TOFMS instrument with dimensions, weight and price usually restricted to high-end quadrupole PTR-MS, but having all the advantages only powerful time of flight based solutions offer:

  • the entire mass range in split-seconds - no selection of masses - no waiting
  • faster and more sensitive for complex mixtures and
  • high mass resolution for better separation and identification.

The instrument demonstrated its reliability and robustness but also its remarkable technical abilities and speed during various international campaigns (e.g. NASA's DISCOVER-AQ) and is ideally suited for analysis of VOCs at a very high time resolution. It comes with a fully integrated IONICON data acquisition and data treatment software suite.

Enter into the world of PTR-TOFMS with IONICON’s PTR-TOF 1000: our smallest, lightest and most affordable time PTR-TOF trace gas analyzer. Don't settle for anything less advanced!

But wait, the PTR-TOF 1000 just got ultra-sensitive. Expect up to 10x increased sensitivity with the brand new PTR-TOF 1000 ultra.

Technical specifications

Mass resolution

> 1500 m/Δm (FWHM) for m/z > 79

Response time < 100 ms

> 200 cps/ppbv for m/z 181

Detection limits

< 10 pptv for m/z 181 (averaged over 1 minute)

Linearity range 10 pptv - 1 ppmv
Adjustable flow 50 - 800 sccm

Inlet system heating range

40 - 180°C

 (2nd inlet system and other inlet options on request)

Reaction chamber heating range 40 - 120°C
Weight < 125 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d) 60x91x80 cm (23.7 x 35.9 x 31.5 in.)
Power supply 115/230 V, standby/typical operation: < 400/500-800 W

-Touchscreen display

8x DI/O, 2x AI, 2x AO

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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