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Extended Volatility Range (EVR)

Ultra-Fast Time Response Even for IVOCs & SVOCs

Ultra-fast response times for IVOCs & SVOCs

Real-Time Ultra-Sensitive trace VOC analyzers from IONICON are known for their response times in fractions of a second and hence are often used to follow rapidly changing processes and VOC signals. However, some substances are known to show a slower instrumental response because of unwanted surface interactions. These substances are either highly polar or have a reduced volatility and are typically classified as „sticky“ compounds.

With IONICON’s new Extended Volatility Range (EVR) setup we minimize unwanted surface interactions and still preserve all the advantages of our fully pressure controlled inlet system. This extends our sub-second response from VOCs to a wide range of compounds in the intermediate-volatility range (IVOCs, e.g. 2-tridecanone and vanillin) and even reduces the response of semi-volatile species (SVOC) like cis-pinonic acid to single-digit seconds.

Moreover, these remarkable response times can already be reached at relevant concentrations in a single-digit ppbV concentration range, a moderate temperature of the reaction chamber (120°C) and a reduced sample flow rate of around 100 sccm. That is, the IONICON EVR technology doesn’t require extremely high temperatures, high concentrations or large flows to achieve this performance.

EVR is included as standard configuration for CHARON real-time aerosol inlet system enabled PTR-TOFMS instruments. EVR is now also available as an option for all other IONICON PTR-TOFMS instruments and an ideal configuration for e.g. food & flavor science applications.

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