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IONICON ion funnel technology

Benefit from the ION-BOOSTER technology with up to 10x increased sensitivity!

Optionally available for selected new PTR-MS systems and as upgrade for many existing instruments.

The IONICON ion funnel

PTR-MS is known for its unmatched capability to detect ultra-low concentrations of VOCs in air or gas in real-time. Now we have taken the sensitivity of PTR-MS to the next level, introducing the ION-BOOSTER funnel technology.

The transmission of the ionized VOCs from the PTR reaction chamber into the TOF mass analyser is one of the most crucial areas in a mass spectrometer. The ion funnel, located at the end of the reaction chamber, is designed to focus the ions into the transfer lens system. This greatly improves ion transmission, leading to a much higher sensitivity, which not only improves the limit of detection but also allows for a higher measurement frequency at a given signal-to-noise ratio.

Increased sensitivity or upper linearity range limit with push-button simplicity

The ION-BOOSTER can be switched on but also be deactivated by the user. This allows for utmost sensitivity if operational or an increased upper linearity range limit if switched off. This unique benefit is only available for your IONICON PTR-TOF which gets even more versatile and the ideal trace VOC analyzer for many applications.

Availability & Upgrades

Expect up to 10x more sensitivity thanks to the revolutionary new ION-BOOSTER funnel!

Selected new IONICON instruments feature this advanced technology. The first production model PTR-TOFMS instrument incl. the ION-BOOSTER is the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra

The new PTR-TOF 6000 X2 combines both the ION-BOOSTER funnel and the new hexapole ION-GUIDE technology with a novel high-resolution TOF for ultimate performance.


For us, customer satisfaction and a sustainable, reliable product development process is key. We make sure that new technologies become available also for our existing customer base. For selected IONICON instruments upgrades to the ION-BOOSTER funnel technology will become available. Currently upgrade packages are available for the PTR-TOF 1000/2000/8000 series.

Get in touch with us to evaluate you instruments’ upgrade potential!