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N.A.S.E. (Nosespace Air Sampling Extension)

A heated inlet system for nosespace air samples

The IONICON NASE is a specialized inlet system for nose-space analysis. It is optimized for aroma compounds and heated for fast time response.


In food, flavor and fragrance science, panelists smell or taste products and a scientist would like to directly measure what the panelist tastes with an quantitative, real-time method such as PTR-MS. For the direct introduction of nose-space air to the PTR-MS, IONICON has developed the N.A.S.E. for real-time analysis of nose-space air. 

Optimized sample gas transfer

Many compounds of interest in aroma analysis, e.g. Vanillin, are very "sticky" and can condense on the inner surfaces, especially cold-spots, of a sample transfer system. For a fast and reliable transfer of trace aroma compounds, the sample transfer system of the N.A.S.E. is made of highly inert materials in combination with a sophisticated heating system and an efficient sample flow paths. The N.A.S.E. can be used with all real-time trace gas analyzers and is optimized for IONICON PTR-MS systems.


N.A.S.E. can be heated up to 130°C internal temperature and is thermally insulated where a panelist gets in direct contact with the device. The panelist only experiences a comfortable warmth when directly breathing into N.A.S.E. For sampling two easily exchangeable PTFE tubes are used that can be replaced without dismounting N.A.S.E. allowing for fast test cycles.

N.A.S.E. is a special product which IONICON engineers invented to meet our customers needs. If you have a question, and idea or feedback that you would like to discuss with our experts, let us know! We are happy to customize our systems and develop individually tailored solutions.

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