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Optional IONICON PTR-TOF Add-Ons and Accessories

Improve the Performance of your IONICON PTR-TOF Instrument

We provide a variety of optional add-ons and accessories for our instruments. 

Sampling and Inlet System Upgrades

Customize your instrument for your application. Increase your PTR-TOF's performance by adding a customized sampling and inlet system upgrade. 

Ionization and Drift Upgrades

Let your instrument perform better by adding other reagent ions (O2+, NO+, NH4+, Kr+, Xe+). Make it sensible for an even greater amount of compounds (like greenhouse gases, peroxides or inorganic molecules). Or increase your instrument's sensitivity significantly.

Calibration and Automation Upgrades

Will you use your instrument in heavily polluted areas? Add an integrated dilution system! Increase the certainty of your measured concentrations by adding an integrated calibration set-up. With our standalone LCU device you can calibrate either with liquids or also gases. Our Autosampler helps to automatize headspace measurements of huge amounts of liquid samples. Are you looking for 24/7 process monitoring? IONICON's PTR-TOF instruments can be upgraded with Automated Measurement and Evaluation (AME) software and substance libraries.

Accessories (Stand-Alone Products)