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Mobile & Modular VOC Monitor PTR-TOF QB

Universal VOC Monitor for mobile deployment
Small, robust and lightweight
Stackable and separable 2x 19" cube design
Real-time mapping of BTEX and other toxic gases


The PTR-TOF QB is the ultimate real-time VOC monitor for mobile lab deployment. Based on its lightweight frame and the unique stackable 19 inch cube "QB" design, it easily fits in the trunk of a passenger car or mobile measurement van. With less than 90 kg in total and the ability to split the instrument in two, each of the cubes weighting less than 50 kg, the monitor can easily be transported and set up in virtually any place. This clever feature enables an installation of the PTR-TOF QB on top of each other or the cubes sitting side by side. This provides enormous flexibility concerning the system's footprint or height profile and allows to operate the mobile VOC monitor in nearly all space-restricted environments.

The PTR-TOF QB is based on the reliable high-performance trace VOC analyzer PTR-TOF 1000 and works with less than 500 W power uptake during typical operation. Higher performance options such as the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra or PTR-TOF 4000 can be provided as QB version too. Just tell us your needs!

The PTR-TOF QB has proven its versatility and robustness in numerous mobile lab campaigns, as the model of choice for AMC monitoring in the semiconductor industry and as ruggedized Hazardous Material Monitor for Security applications.

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