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Integrated Calibration Device

Use a port of your multiport valve for calibration

This built-in calibration system dynamically dilutes VOC gas standards with VOC free air (zero air) to measure calibration factors, linearity, background and LODs. With the internal multiport-valve, measurements can be fully automated.

The internal calibration system was made to make regular calibrations of our PTR-MS instruments easier and more effective. Let us summarize some quick facts about the internal calibration system.

  • Catalyzer and Flow controller (up to 400 sccm) for generation of zero air 

  • passivated Flow controller up to 50 sccm (20 or 100 sccm optional available) for calibration gas (gas tank and pressure reducer NOT included!)

  • Dilution ratio: 1:400  to undiluted

  • Multiport valve allows automated switching to calibration system 

  • Automated calibration measurements

  • Automated background measurement

Attention: The multiport valve is mandatory for using the internal calibration system!