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Data Acquisition and Instrumental Control

Our comprehensive and scalable data acquisition (DAQ) solution and instrumental control platform for all IONICON TOF-MS systems.

DAQ and Instrument Control Platform

  • Scalable DAQ solution for all IONICON TOF-MS instruments.
  • Direct control of any IONICON ionization frontend (e.g. PTR, PTR3, API etc.)
  • Integrated control of hardware add-ons (e.g. CHARON, FastGC)
  • Customizable and highly flexible automation of all hardware components including add-ons.

Real-Time Performance

  • Real-time visualization of recorded mass spectra and user-defined m/z traces
  • Various data-saving options and very high data-saving rate up to 10ms per histogram spectrum
  • Real-time quantification of traces  for PTR-related ionization modes
  • Integrated recording of all instrumental parameters of most IONICON hardware add-ons (e.g. GCU, LCU, Autosampler)

External control via API options

  • Modbus TCP API
  • Shared Variables API
  • Webservice API

IoniTOF’s API functions can be called from a variety of programming languages/environments including C/C++, .NET, Python, Matlab, and LabVIEW.


The Sequencer raises instrumental automation to a new level. Automate your hardware, pre-define your data acquisition and script your on-line data output. As an example, the Sequencer supports following tasks:

  • switch through different inlet lines
  • wait for external triggers (GC, e.g.)
  • calculate mean values
  • subtract background levels
  • recalculate background periodically
  • define formulas and alarms
  • script your custom sequence

Customer Plugin

  • easily define your own calculations and add parameters to IoniTOF
  • automatically save them to the h5 data acquisition file for post-data acquisition analysis (Viewer, IDA)
  • add your own user interface and menu items to IoniTOF (by using C# .NET)