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Twelve PTR-TOF 1000 for Shenzhen's air quality

12x IONICON PTR-TOF 1000 enhance Shenzhen's atmospheric environment stereoscopic observation, being deployed in an air quality monitoring network.

Video App Note - Analysis of Coffee Oil with PTR-TOFMS

Video app note on the real-time PTR-TOF analysis of upcycled coffee oil, a sustainable product from the highly innovative company Kaffe Bueno, used for personal care and food & beverage products.

Celebrating 500 PTR-MS Analyzers Sold

What a ride…but here we are, celebrating 500 sold PTR-MS analyzers since 1998! Join us when we honor you, our customers and PTR-MS users who made all of this possible.

A star is born: the new FUSION PTR-TOF

Revolutionary PTR-TOFMS setup with nearly instant reagent ion switching and detection limits at ppqv level

PTR-MS Viewer 3.4.3 Update

Update to the new PTR-MS Viewer 3.4.3 and improve your experience further. Many new features await IONICON customers - free of charge.

Unboxing a PTR-TOF

Watch the short clip to see how simple it is to unpack and start-up one of our extremely sensitive trace VOC analyzers.

Summer Interns at IONICON

Five young talents joined us in summer 2021, experiencing mass spectrometry and the great team spirit at IONICON. Now we are getting ready for the next cohort in 2022!

Launch of PTR-TOF 10k - the Ultimate-Resolution PTR-TOF

Our highest mass resolution TOF-MS now combined with original IONICON TRU-E/N PTR technology, for more insights than ever

Traffic and personal care products both have effects on our air quality

Learn what two PTR-TOF VOC monitoring sites in Innsbruck discovered and how we keep track of our urban environment

IONICON Data Analyzer 1.0 launched

The new IONICON Data Analyzer received excellent feedback from PTR-MS community users. IDA, IONICON’s fast and powerful software platform is now available - get a trial license!