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A star is born: the new FUSION PTR-TOF

We proudly present the technology that revolutionizes PTR-TOFMS

A new generation of PTR-TOF instruments with the novel TRION source and FUSION drift cell enters the stage.

The TRION source plus the FUSION reaction chamber plus an ultra-high resolution TOF analyzer equals a milestone in PTR-TOFMS history: reagent ion switching times of 100 – 200 ms, LoDs in the ppqv region and a mass resolution between 10000 – 15000 m/Δm.

Expect nothing short of the future of PTR-TOFMS technology:

  • sensitivity of up to 30000 cps/ppbv
  • LoD down to < 100 ppqv
  • well-defined ion chemistry qualified for the TRU-E/N label
  • virtually contact free sample inlet
  • TRION triple ion source for nearly instant reagent ion switching

All of this is now available with the FUSION PTR-TOF 10k trace VOC analyzer.