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PTR-MS Viewer 3.4.4 Update

Fo(u)r an even better experience

At IONICON a team of programming experts and analytical scientists, known as the Viewer team, continuously works on improving the PTR-MS Viewer data visualization and exploration software. For this update our focus was on compatibility to IONICON's full product portfolio and on performance, but obviously there is also no shortcoming on new features for an even better Viewer experience:

  • Change Integration Time – considerably reduce file size and speed up processing times by increasing the integration time per measurement cycle
  • Calculate Traces Tool – perform mathematical operations with compound traces without the need to export your data into third party software
  • Improved Compare Spectra Tool – directly compare concentrations of compounds defined in the peaktable
  • AutoSearch for Peakfits – automatically add peaks to your peaksystems and fit them to your instrument's mass resolution

The new PTR-MS Viewer 3.4.4 update is available for all IONICON customers free of charge. Viewer 3.4 users can "check for update" directly in the menu bar. Upgrading from previous versions or new to the Viewer? Contact the PTR-MS Viewer team to get your copy and for access to our step-by-step tutorial videos! Learn more on the PTR-MS Viewer Website.