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Video app note – Analysis of Coffee Oil

Investigating Kaffe Bueno's sustainable products with PTR-TOFMS

Whenever you brew a cup of coffee, the majority of the valuable coffee matter becomes waste in form of coffee grounds. With over nine billion kilograms of coffee consumed every year worldwide, this has a considerable impact on the environment.

Kaffe Bueno developed an innovative and sustainable solution to this problem: They upcycle spent coffee grounds into several different products, one of which is coffee oil for personal care and food & beverage products. 

"We want to know exactly what happens when and to what, in our samples: Aroma active compounds, unwanted compounds, etc. We would like to know as much as possible.", summarizes Anders H. Pedersen, coffee expert and Sr. Industrial Biotech Engineer at Kaffe Bueno his expectations of our collaborative study. 

We readily accepted the challenge, as we saw it as a great opportunity to demonstrate the stunning advantages of the IONICON PTR-MS technology: real-time analysis, direct sample injection, extremely high sensitivity, outstanding selectivity, online monitoring, quantification without the need for standards, and many more. 

Without anticipating too much, at the end of the study Anders concluded: "The results fulfill all that we hoped for. They are simply just awesome!"

But take a look for yourself and enjoy the informative and entertaining application note video!