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PTR-MS Viewer

The professional IONICON data analysis tool

Visualize, analyze, get the most out of your valuable data with PTR-MS Viewer.


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Focus on key features for data processing
  • Developed in tight cooperation between scientists and software programmers
  • Improved mass calibration
  • Improved compound identification, including direct addition of compounds to the peak-table with isotope correction

Sophisticated new peak-table concept

The way the peak-table is organized has been fundamentally redesigned and innovatively implemented. For beginners and for quick data analysis there is the possibility to rapidly and even automatically create new or adapt existing tables. Moreover, the tables can be refined with sophisticated multi-peak systems, which are auto-fitted to match the measured peak shapes. This enables independent quantification of (partly) overlapping compounds.

Spotted an interesting peak? With a new tool you can identify the chemical composition and add it to your peak-table with just one click. Need its isotopes and corresponding isotope-ratio corrections too? Another click and it is done.

Simplified processing of multiple files containing multiple samples

With IONICON's PTR-MS Viewer a series of small measurement files can be displayed and threated as if it was one continuous measurement. That is, mass calibration and peak-table calculation can be performed for all files at once, with one click. No need for repetitive work or complicated automation procedures.

You need average spectra of the multitude of samples you measured? Statistics about max/min/average concentrations of compounds within each sample? For most fields of application, the software can identify the sampling periods within the file automatically and provide you with these data, with hardly any interaction necessary from your side.

Get the Viewer

The new PTR-MS Viewer 3.4. will be released in Q1 2021 to all IONICON customers. Keep checking back to this website or contact the PTR-MS Viewer team if you would like to participate in our early access program and share your feedback with us.