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EVR PTR-MS Response Times Outperform Other CIMS

A few months after the official launch of our exclusive EVR technology, we have conducted a performance study* and compared the response times to other CIMS.

It’s fascinating to see how the most versatile instrument for trace organic detection convincingly matches highly optimized and fast CIMS techniques. Moreover, IONICON EVR PTR-MS even outperform the response times towards compounds of reduced volatility (e.g. semi-volatile acids) of many of those instruments.

EVR is also an essential prerequisite for CHARON, the IONICON-exclusive particle inlet system for PTR-TOFMS. Learn more about the all-in-one solution for particles and gases: sequentially characterize almost the full range of organic compounds in the gas- and particle-phase with one single fast and extremely sensitive instrument.

*Piel et al., (2020), in press.