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The Next Generation PTR-TOF Technology

FUSION PTR combines the novel fast-SRI ion source with the revolutionary FUSION reaction chamber for ppqV limits of detection, highest sensitivities and TRU-E/N ion-chemistry quality.


  • Ultra-clean FUSION reaction chamber for lowest LODs 
  • New fast-SRI ion source design for nearly instant reagent ion switching and stable ionization conditions
  • Clean reagent ion production 
  • Certified TRU-E/N ion chemistry quality
  • No RF-induced enhanced fragmentation
  • Quantitative measurements down to ppqV levels
  • No compound specific calibration needed
  • Enhanced Volatility Range (EVR) option available
  • Compatible to most IONICON accessories (CHARON particle inlet, Liquid Calibration Unit, Multiport Valve, etc.)

All of these benefits are commercially available with the FUSION PTR-TOF 10k instrument, achieving lowest limits of detection (< 1 pptV in 1 s) and extremely high sensitivities up to 80000 cps/ppbV at a TOF-MS mass resolution > 10000 m/dm.

fast-SRI FUSION Ion Source

fast-SRI improves the decoupling of the ion source from the reaction chamber providing lowest interferences with neutrals and parasitic reagent ions.

  • Reagent ions include: H3O+, NH4+, NO+, O2+
  • Fast switching times between reagent ions (~1 s between quantitative proton transfer with H3O+ and soft adduct ionisation with NH4+)
  • Ultra clean reagent ion purity (C6H6+/C6H7+ < 2% in H3O+ mode)
  • Patented ionic NH4+ generation, no neutral ammonia needed (Patents: US9188564, EP2606505)

FUSION reaction chamber

A combination of an innovative RF-electrode design with a sophisticated pumping scheme, allows for unprecedented sensitivities and simultaneously keeps the reaction region extremely clean, resulting in market-leading limits of detection.

Ion-molecule reactions with organics occur in a fully-controlled environment of a novel ion-focusing RF reaction chamber operated at reduced pressures of 2-4 mbar. This guarantees the needed clean ion chemistry at predictable reaction energies (E/N) and reaction rate constants (k-rate) that are crucial for quantitative operation of PTR-MS.

  • High sensitivities up to ~ 80000 cps/ppbV @ R = 10k (for selected compounds and settings)
  • Unprecedented Limits of Detection < 1 pptV @ 1 s acquisition time
  • Near instantaneous switching between high and low reaction energy (E/N)
  • No significant transmission cutoff to high m/z  
  • Also supports classic PTR DC mode


Providing a reliable and well-defined ion chemistry is one of the key priorities at IONICON. Naturally, this distinct feature also applies for FUSION PTR and is guaranteed by our patented TRU-E/N label.   

  • TRU-E/N method (Patents: US10074531, EP3309817) allows to adjust reaction energies (E/N) in the presence of RF fields
  • Branching ratios are very sensitive to the applied reaction energy (E/N)
  • FUSION PTR reproduces the intensity ratios for all relevant pinonic acid product ions over a wide range of E/N
  • No calibration is needed, calculation of concentrations based on k-rates is possible

FUSION PTR outperforms other state-of-the-art commercial CIMS instruments by far, combines highest sensitivities, lowest LoDs and high mass resolving power with the pure ion chemistry of a PTR-MS. Get your FUSION PTR now!

Technical Note in Analytical Chemistry

Ultrahigh Sensitivity PTR-MS Instrument with a Well-Defined Ion Chemistry
Tobias Reinecke, Markus Leiminger, Alfons Jordan, Armin Wisthaler, and Markus Müller
Analytical Chemistry Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.3c02669