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68th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

31. May - 4. June 2020

Visit our booth # 200 at the 68th ASMS annual meeting, 31. May - 4. June 2020, Houston, TX

Visit us at the 68th ASMS Annual Meeting

The 68th ASMS Conference will be 31. May - 4. June 2020 in Houston, TX at the George R. Brown Convention Center.
Over 6,500 scientists and 3,000 presentations as talks and posters are expected. The poster-exhibit hall will feature over 750 different posters each day and 180 exhibit booths, providing a broad array of science and technology.
We'll be part of the exhibition and the scientific program. Visit our booth #200 and learn about our new ioni APi-TOF and other custom TOF-MS products for your research!

Who we are and what we do

We develop and manufacture ultra-sensitive real-time trace gas analyzers using the unique Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) and related technologies. 
We also produce trace calibration devices for analytical instruments, construct industrial process monitoring solutions, custom time-of-flight mass spectrometers (ioniTOF) and offer analytical services.
Over 400 leading scientists, institutions and multinational corporations are among IONICON’s customers.

Discover PTR-MS and its advantages

Learn how our technology works and why it is the best solution for real-time quantitative trace gas analysis. Understand how market-leading ppqv-level online detection limits are possible and how to get quantitative results in real-time without sample preparation.