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Food Analysis: Snacks

PTR-MS aroma analysis of chewing gum

Chewing gums should keep releasing their flavor even after prolonged mastication. However, it is nearly impossible to measure the effects of changes in the chewing gum's matrix and the aroma encapsulation system with offline techniques, such as GC-MS.

With PTR-MS, particularly if the NASE add-on for real-time nosespace analysis is being utilized, flavor release can be monitored and quantified with an extremely high time resolution.

Performing measurements even with a large amount of test subjects could not be simpler: The person uses the chewing gum and exhales into the NASE add-on, which is connected to an IONICON PTR-MS instrument. Pre-selected compounds are quantified and displayed in real-time on the instrument computer. However, one of the ample advantages of TOF based PTR-MS is, that not only the pre-selected compound data but the full mass spectra are saved in the measurement file. That is, no measurement data are lost and costly repetitions of large studies are effectively avoided.