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Watch Novel ENDS Breath Sampling Interface for PTR-TOF in Action

True real-time puff-by-puff analysis with IONICON PTR-MS

The compound concentrations inhaled and exhaled after the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) can considerably vary between each puff. Conventional offline technologies are completely incapable of detecting these puff-by-puff variations and will only give averaged values, which have highly limited significance. 
Following our pioneering PTR-TOFMS study on real-time investigations of e-cigarette aerosol in 2015* we have now perfected the setup, made it even more responsive and easy to use. The test subject puts a hygienic disposable mouth-piece into the interface and exhales, it is as simple as that. Thanks to IONICON's sophisticated PTR-TOFMS technology high resolution and high sensitivity mass spectra are acquired in split-second intervals. That is, virtually all compounds in breath can be quantified in real-time, including the major constituents of e-liquids PG, VG and nicotine. 
With the software controlled integrated dilution system the dynamic range of the setup can be easily shifted in order to match the measurement regime: from very high concentrations after performing a mouth-hold maneuver to extremely low concentrations after inhalation and subsequent retention measurements. 
See for yourself in our brand-new video clip directly from IONICON's applied science lab, where our researchers demonstrate ENDS breath analysis utilizing the novel interface coupled to PTR-TOFMS.

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*Breiev, K. et al., 2016.

Analysis of Vaporizers, E-Cigarettes, and other ENDS application case-study