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Real-time PTR-MS meets autosampler – high throughput VOC analysis

IONICON autosampler for automated head-space analysis with PTR-MS

The real-time capability of a PTR-MS gas analyzer is typically utilized to continuously monitor trace VOC concentrations – but not only. Some users appreciate the enormous speed of a PTR-MS to rapidly analyze discrete samples in seconds, where a manual sample provision can be the bottleneck.

This has become greatly facilitated with the new IONICON autosampler for PTR-MS. Analyzing hundreds of sample vials in an automated manner not only provides high data quality but also enables an ultra-high throughput, drastically reducing processing cost for larger batches of samples.

Our engineers have adapted a reliable, industrial autosampler for optimal interaction with IONICON PTR-MS instruments.

It can be loaded with multiple sample trays carrying up to 270 vials (20ml) simultaneously for liquid, solid, or gas samples. The bench-top autosampler set-up allows for static and dynamic head-space measurements.

A custom-made software controls the sampling process as well as the PTR-MS measurement for integrated and consistent data. Several pre-programmed sample treatment and analysis protocols can be further optimized for specific application.

With this system hundreds of samples can be processed literally overnight due to the high speed of PTR-MS complemented by the autosampler, allowing for a high throughput and increased capacity utilization. Especially customers that routinely require the analysis of large sample batches will greatly benefit from this efficiency and much reduced costs per sample. Nevertheless, also for smaller batches the highly standardized sampling procedure and data output improves the quality of the results, simplifies data processing, and leaves the scientists free to concentrate on what really matters.