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PTR-TOF in the spotlight at IABR Breath Summit 2016

IONICON’s PTR-TOFMS technology has become the leading method for real-time breath gas analysis.

The International Association for Breath Research (IABR) held its annual summit conference at the renowned ETH Zürich in Switzerland. Between September 14 – 16, 2016, the latest scientific results in breath research were presented. In 12 talks researchers featured PTR-MS as their tool of choice for real-time breath gas analysis.

The popularity of PTR-MS, and especially PTR-TOF, reflects the various advantages these instruments offer for breath gas research. The Time-of-Flight (TOF) system analyses the complete ionized spectrum in a fraction of a second with a resolution sufficient to resolve isobaric compounds. The high sensitivity allows the detection of ppt-concentrations from a single exhalation.

We actively supported the event and presented a running PTR-TOF 1000 in combination with BETmed at our booth. Researchers visited us for live demos of the PTR-TOF and performed real-time breath tests. A BETmed breath-sampling inlet is one of the few, if not the only, inlet systems for real-time VOC analysis in breath and has already been certified for clinical use.

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IONICON life PTR-TOF demonstration at the IABR Breath Summit 2016 in Zurich.