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Utrecht University

PTR-TOF 4000

Affiliation: Utrecht University, The Netherlands
IONICON instrument: PTR-TOF 4000
Contact person: Prof. Rupert Holzinger

Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?

PTR-MS is a very strong technique to explore the organic composition of air, fluids and even solid samples.  In our lab we developed different thermal desorption applications including the characterization of organic aerosol and detection of nanoplastics in snow.

Prof. Holzinger

Most relevant scientific papers and conference presentations:

Micro- and Nanoplastics in Alpine Snow: A New Method for Chemical Identification and (Semi)Quantification in the Nanogram Range
By: Materic, Dusan; Kasper-Giebl, Anne; Kau, Daniela; et al.
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   Volume: ‏ 54   Issue: ‏ 4   Pages: ‏ 2353-2359   Published: ‏ FEB 18 2020

Validity and limitations of simple reaction kinetics to calculate concentrations of organic compounds from ion counts in PTR-MS
By: Holzinger, Rupert; Acton, W. Joe F.; Bloss, William J.; et al.
ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES   Volume: ‏ 12   Issue: ‏ 11   Pages: ‏ 6193-6208   Published: ‏ NOV 27 2019

Sources and atmospheric processing of size segregated aerosol particles revealed by stable carbon isotope ratios and chemical speciation
By: Masalaite, A.; Holzinger, R.; Ceburnis, D.; et al.
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION   Volume: ‏ 240   Pages: ‏ 286-296   Published: ‏ SEP 2018

Characterisation of the semi-volatile component of Dissolved Organic Matter by Thermal Desorption - Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry
By: Materic, Dusan; Peacock, Mike; Kent, Matthew; et al.
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: ‏ 7     Article Number: 15936   Published: ‏ NOV 21 2017

Chemical characterization of organic particulate matter from on-road traffic in Sao Paulo, Brazil
By: Oyama, Beatriz Sayuri; Andrade, Maria de Fatima; Herckes, Pierre; et al.
ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS   Volume: ‏ 16   Issue: ‏ 22   Pages: ‏ 14397-14408   Published: ‏ NOV 18 2016