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University of Copenhagen

2x PTR-TOF 1000 ultra

Affiliation: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
IONICON instruments: 2x PTR-TOF 1000 ultra
Contact person: Prof. Riikka Rinnan

Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?

We conduct both laboratory and field-based experiments with the aim of unravelling how climate change impacts the ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of biogenic VOCs. Currently, we focus on Arctic ecosystems. For example, we have studied VOC release from thawing permafrost and the induction of defense volatiles when insect herbivores feed on tundra shrubs. In these studies, it is vital to be able to track changes in the VOC blend and concentration in real-time with our PTR-ToF-MS instruments. The compact size and mobility have allowed us to bring our sensitive PTR-TOF 1000 ultra instruments to the Arctic tundra to measure ecosystem fluxes of VOCs.

Prof. Rinnan