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Université Paris-Saclay and Hôpital Foch


Affiliation: Université Paris-Saclay and Hôpital Foch, France
IONICON instrument: PTR-QiTOF & PTR-TOF 10k
Contact person: Stanislas Grassin Delyle

Why is an IONICON PTR-MS very well suited for your measurement tasks?

The PTR-Qi-TOF is a useful and efficient instrument for the analysis of exhaled air in the different clinical research trials that we conduct, allowing rapid, non-targeted analysis of volatile organic compounds.

We use an IONICON PTR-TOF system to monitor breath VOCs in ventilated patients with COVID-19. The direct and fast measurement of so many breath VOCs at the same time allows us to study the progression of the disease and the response to therapeutic strategies.

Stanislas Grassin Delyle