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Food Analysis: Vegetables

PTR-MS aroma analysis of chili peppers

The spiciness and the unique aroma of chili peppers are appreciated all over the world. However, limited information was available about the correlation between VOC emissions and spiciness of different pepper species and varieties.

In 2019 Taiti et al.  filled a part of this gap with their comprehensive PTR-MS study on 21 different chili peppers.

They concluded that "…the level of pungency was the main driver responsible for the variation in some aroma volatiles." and that there is a "…real possibility to use these tools coupled by these statistical approaches in routine operations for predicting the spiciness of fresh peppers by a rapid VOC screening analysis."

Only the extremely sensitive and selective real-time IONICON PTR-MS technology enables such a rapid screening, as either far too slow to provide high sample through-put, not sufficiently selective to distinguish the different VOCs or simply not sensitive enough for direct injection headspace analysis.