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Analytica 2024 - video of PTR-TOF live demo

Thanks for visiting us at analytica 2024

What a great show! The crowds were gathering and while we met so many colleagues and participants interested in our real-time trace gas analyzers, for sure not everybody who would have liked to, had the opportunity to attend analytica.

No worries, we compiled a short clip of our PTR-TOF live demo. We demonstrated real-time pass by screening of food & drinks at our booth at analytica 2024, in Munich.

In this video you can see head-space analysis of Bavarian beer that is passing by the inlet hose of the PTR-TOF, triggering an immediate reaction of the mass spectrometer. Real-time analysis of aroma, flavors or air in general, without any sample preparation is one of the strengths of the quantitative IONICON PTR-TOF technology.