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More than 400 square meters new space for our R&D activities

Research, development and technical innovations have always played a dominant role in our company's DNA. The strong in-house R&D power is one of the main driving forces behind our success, our fast time to market reacting quickly to changes in demand and new opportunities as well as in expanding our IP portfolio. In order to support this further we are investing and bundling our R&D activities in a new office and technical lab space that we took over in April 2024.

More than 400 m2 of additional space, top-level infrastructure and amenities for our team are currently being furnished. Test benches, instruments, equipment and prototypes of new products are being relocated to their new home one story down from our main site. This will allow us to increase our production capacities and the overall quality of our existing headquarters in the next couple of months. 

We are glad to take this step and get ourselves in an even better position for what's coming up next, investing into the future with our new IONICON “R&D hub”.