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FUSION PTR-TOF incl. new CHARON particle inlet at CERN

Unprecedented performance for the CLOUD16 campaign at CERN

We deployed a FUSION PTR-TOF incl. fully integrated CHARON particle inlet at CERN.
This instrument accurately monitors the concentrations of precursor vapors like isoprene, alpha-pinene or DMS and their oxidation products in gas and particle phase down to ppqV-level detection limits.

A massive crane helped the FUSION PTR-TOF on its way to the CLOUD chamber at CERN for the CLOUD16 campaign which is ongoing right now.
The mission: providing high-resolution data of the reaction kinetic and chemical processes during the experiments for improving our understanding of new particle formation and hence the climate!

The whole range of species, from precursors to particles can now be monitored with a single CHARON FUSION PTR-TOF 10k.