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Celebrating a 2023 Innovation Award for CHARON PTR-TOF

Ultra sensitive real-time analyzer of gas and particle phase

Our team is extremely proud that we were once again able to score a prestigious The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award!

An independent jury decided that the FUSION PTR-TOF incl. new fully-integrated CHARON particle inlet system is among the major innovations of 2023.

What the judges say…

“A powerful new tool for the analysis of gasses and particles of interest in environmental and industrial applications.”

The FUSION PTR-TOF incl. new CHARON particle inlet enables real-time quantification of a wide range of compound classes, from non-polar aromatic species, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), to highly polar compounds, such as oxygenated molecules (e.g. HOMs), at low concentrations.

Without sacrificing IONICON’s genuine well-defined ion chemistry, CHARON FUSION PTR-TOF reaches unprecedented limits of detection to organic compounds on a chemical composition level of <200 ppqV (parts per quadrillion by volume) in the gas phase and low pg m-3 in the particle phase. 

This means that researchers in the fields of atmospheric chemistry, environmental research, air quality and industrial process monitoring can identify even the lowest amounts of substances in real-time based on one single ultra-sensitive and high-resolution IONICON instrument. New insights into the world’s changing climate can be gained, trends in local urban and rural but also indoor air quality can be spotted and tracked. 

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