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Is PTR-MS a green analytical tool?

PTR-TOF: a green alternative for food volatilome profiling

PTR-MS is frequently used in food science and technology because of its characteristics as direct, real-time and quantitative mass spectrometry method for VOC monitoring. A recent review by Mazzucotelli et al. now attributes PTR-MS full compliance with Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC) guidelines and therefore, PTR-MS can be considered as a "green" analytical technique.

PTR-MS as a high-sensitivity direct injection tool for real-time process monitoring does not require any solvents, derivatization agents or toxic reagents. The technology offers high analysis throughput with the only consumable needed for operation being distilled water. While these are just a few examples of "PTR-MS green features", the authors elaborate on how all of the 12 Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC) principles are perfectly met by PTR-MS.

Moreover, the review also contains an excellent overview on recent PTR-TOF applications in food science and technology. IONICON has always been the market leader in PTR-MS. It makes us very proud to notice that these recent studies are again vastly dominated by data generated with IONICON PTR-MS and PTR-TOF instruments.