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Introduction to PTR-TOF real-time trace VOC Analyzers

Live Interviews and PTR-TOF Applications Demo from Analytica 2022

IONICON presented its extremely sensitive PTR-TOF analyzers for the real-time monitoring and quantification of low concentrated VOCs at Analytica 2022. In this video IONICON CEO Lukas Märk and CTO Jens Herbig give a live interview on the trade show floor and introduce PTR-MS as the benchmark method for high-throughput analysis of volatile organic compounds in the air at low pptv-range detection limits.

In order to showcase the versatility of PTR-TOF, the air in the analytica exhibition hall is analyzed 24/7 and with a second inlet, breath samples are collected directly. This illustrates two of many applications, indoor or ambient air quality monitoring as well as breath analysis for flavor & aroma profiling and disease screening, e.g. for COVID-19.

The IONICON PTR-TOF instruments allow capturing process dynamics because of direct sampling and real-time analysis which is why e.g. the semiconductor industry monitors their cleanrooms with IONICON's solutions but also in academic research, these instruments are used for high-throughput VOC analysis without sample preparation.

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