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We're part of the COST Action MD-GAS

IONICON joined the Molecular Dynamics in the GAS phase COST Action

In November 2019, the EU COST Action CA18212 MD-GAS (Molecular Dynamics in the GAS phase) started with members from 30 different countries headed by Henning Zettergren from Stockholm university. The main aim of the Action is to develop a new physical and chemical toolbox to significantly advance the understanding of gas phase molecular dynamics induced in interactions between molecules or clusters and photons, electrons or heavy particles. This is of importance for a broad range of applications in, e.g., astrochemical and atmospheric sciences and molecular radiation damage.

Here at IONICON, we have a long tradition in international research projects, of collaborating with scientists from all over the world, to whom we provide state-of-the art instrumentation for real-time monitoring of VOCs and organic particles. We are proud to join this COST Action in March 2021 to contribute to the Action’s aims.

COST (European Cooperation in Science & Technology) is the longest-running European framework for collaboration between scientists and researchers in Europe and beyond. COST provides a platform for European scientists to cooperate on a particular project and exchange expertise. These projects, called COST Actions, increase the mobility of researchers across Europe and foster the establishment of scientific exchange.