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PTR-TOF 1000 ULTRA – 2020 Performance Boost and new X2 Option

The “ULTRA” and “X2” effects push instrument sensitivity beyond 20,000

2020 starts with a considerable performance upgrade of the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra. New and improved hardware components increase the instrument’s sensitivity dramatically. Moreover, the PTR-TOF 1000 series now also features a higher mass resolution of > 2,000.

The PTR-TOF 1000 ultra was initially launched in 2016 and with its ION-BOOSTER funnel a considerably more performing instrument than the entry-level PTR-TOF 1000. Now our engineers have revised the ION-BOOSTER and new PTR-TOF 1000 ultra instruments come with 3x higher sensitivity of around 1,500-3,000 cps/ppbv as the new standard configuration. But that’s not the end of the story…

30,000 cps/ppbv with new X2 Option for PTR-TOF 1000 ultra

Craving for even more sensitivity? We’ve got you covered with the new X2 option. The X2 option is a combination of the ION-BOOSTER and the hexapole ION-GUIDE. It pushes the instrument’s sensitivity beyond known limits. The PTR-TOF 1000 X2 sets the new industry-benchmark in PTR-MS sensitivity and comes with 10,000-30,000 cps/ppbv, delivering low detection limits in incredible short integration times. Of course we make sure existing customers can upgrade as well.

True to our mission of a precisely controlled ion-chemistry and a reliable as well as robust set-up, we offer patented TRU-E/N ion-chemistry quality for all our PTR-TOF instruments.

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