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Extreme Performance now also for the PTR-TOF 4000 thanks to X2

Up to 10,000 cps/ppbv with the most versatile high-resolution PTR-TOF

After announcing a new industry benchmark in PTR-MS sensitivity for the PTR-TOF 1000 ultra just weeks ago, today it’s time to shine a spotlight on the PTR-TOF 4000 and its new X2 performance option.

What you might already know about the PTR-TOF 4000 is that it features a hexapole ION-GUIDE and IONICON’s exclusive PTR technology with TRU-E/N, ensuring precise E/N conditions, well-reproducible measurement results and the highest possible level of quantification accuracy. A powerful ioniTOF incorporated in a compact frame provides a mass resolution of 4500, enabling to separate isobars comfortably.

What you might not know until today is that now you can also go for the X2 option. This package ads an additional ION-BOOSTER funnel for extreme sensitivity up to 10,000 cps/ppbv.

We’d say that’s worth a note. Reach out to get your PTR-TOF 4000!