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New Analytical Chemistry Paper on CHARON PTR-TOFMS Performance

Bulk Organic Aerosol Analysis by PTR-MS with High Precision & Accuracy

Very recently, we have published a technical note in Analytical Chemistry introducing an improved methodology for the determination of organic aerosol properties with CHARON PTR-TOFMS. By analysis of a large set of pure compounds we were able to derive an algorithm to correct for ionic fragmentation. Therefore CHARON is now able to measure the bulk aerosol mass concentration, bulk average elemental ratios (e.g. H:C, O:C) and even bulk average molecular formulas in unprecedented precision and accuracy.

All this is combined with our world leading response times (EVR), our genuine ion-chemistry and LODs down to 100 pg m-3. Automatically switch between CHARON and the conventional VOC inlet to characterize almost the full range of organic compounds in the atmosphere with the IONICON “All-in-One” Analyzer.

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IONICON All-in-One Analyzer: the CHARON PTR-TOF 6000 X2