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The new IONICON APi-TOF presented at EGU and ASMS 2018

Atmospheric Pressure Interface for the Modular ioniTOF Platform

The ioniTOF is our modular and flexible, entry-level to high-resolution Time-of-Flight platform, featuring custom interfaces and high-performance IONICON hexapole ION-GUIDEs. All our renowned PTR-TOFMS series products are exclusively based on the ioniTOF. Now we took this concept one step further and developed an Atmospheric Pressure Interface for the ioniTOF.

We presented our new “ioni”APi-TOF, which has already been field-tested during the last CLOUD campaign experiments at CERN, at the EGU assembly in Vienna and just a couple of days ago also at the ASMS annual conference in San Diego.

The “ioni” APi-TOF presented at our EGU 2018 booth

The novel IONICON APi-TOF is a compact and robust set-up consisting of one or two interconnected APi-TOFs used in parallel (for simultaneous positive and negative polarity) featuring the advanced IONICON hexapole ION-GUIDE technology, enabling:

  • simultaneous detection of positive and negative ions and
  • a broader detectable m/z range than established designs

The new ioniAPi-TOF solves two major issues of other current commercial APi-TOF setups:

  • only one polarity (positive or negative ion mode) is available and
  • the m/z range of the ions of interest need to be chosen carefully since other TOFs with quadrupole ion-guides can only be tuned on lower or higher m/z but not to cover the whole mass range.

Thus, particularly in atmospheric chemistry and environmental research important data will be inevitably lost if the ions do not match these parameters. Overcome these obstacles and contact us for the ioniAPi-TOF!