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Ruggedized and Airworthy PTR-TOF 4000

Custom-built by IONICON engineers for the University of Montana

One of the special skills we are known for is to custom-build PTR-TOFMS and ioniTOF systems for research and industrial applications. Our engineering team is eager to work out special solutions and by now we have a solid track record for more than two dozen tailor-made analytical instruments that are fully customized.

Each one is unique and purpose-built to withstand G-forces, shocks, varying pressure levels and temperatures that you and I wouldn’t like to experience. Often also size and weight matters and our team has to make the instrument fit into spaces where a normal analyzer is too large or heavy. Several of such customized PTR-TOF instruments are flying aboard NASA or other research aircraft on scientific flight campaigns.

IONICON engineers with “their” instrument before we shipped it to the University of Montana

We just delivered our most recent ruggedized and airworthy PTR-TOF 4000 instrument to its new home: the University of Montana where it is going to be airborne soon. When asked what Prof. Hu likes about this system and why it is so well suited for his application, he told us:

“We use a PTR-TOF-MS to study the chemistry and emission of VOCs focusing on wildfires and land-atmosphere exchange. The custom-built instrument allows us to carry out the trace gas concentration and flux measurements on a research aircraft and on the ground with outstanding response time, mass resolution, and sensitivities.”

We’re looking forward to the first flight campaign results of Prof. Hu and wish him and his team all the best.

Should you be thinking about projects where you need a custom TOF analyzer or PTR-TOFMS system, don’t hesitate and challenge us with your idea!