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ioni APi-TOF Wins 2018 Innovation Award

APi-TOF Reinvented – IONICON APi-TOF Receives 2018 “TASIA”

After CHARON scored an innovation award from the “The Analytical Scientist” in 2017, we couldn’t believe our eyes when the game-changing IONICON APi-TOF was awarded a “TASIA” in 2018.

Each year The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards (TASIAs) showcase those technologies driving the advancement of measurement science. We’re proud to be part of the top 15 “strokes of genius” that receive the magazine’s prestigious recognition.

Impact of the ioni APi-TOF and why we received the award

The ioni APi-TOF enables its users for the first time to measure high-mass cluster ions, but simultaneously also the composition of precursor compounds and gas-phase impurities, which is important in the context of atmospheric ion clusters. 

The ioni APi-TOF therefore overcomes shortcomings of other commercial products that rely on TOFs with quadrupole ion-guides. These can only be tuned on lower or higher m/z but not to cover the whole mass range of interest.
Thus, particularly in atmospheric chemistry and environmental research, important data are inevitably lost if the ions do not match these parameters.
ioni APi-TOF users can now see the full picture and not only selected parts of the spectrum which is a major benefit.

2x Hexapole ion-guide advantage: for a broader detectable m/z range

A first ioni APi-TOF prototype has been tested at the CLOUD 12 campaign in fall 2017 at CERN, Switzerland, studying the influence of galactic cosmic rays in new particle formation. Commercial products are sold since summer 2018 and currently a new high-performance version of the ioni APi-TOF is again tested at CERN.

2x ioni APi-TOF for two polarities