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Pittcon week 2017: Real-Time Air Analysis with PTR-MS

An exciting program around IONICON’s PTR-TOFMS technology

Pittcon 2017 attracted thousands of scientists and industry decision makers who discovered the latest trends in laboratory instruments, one of which being the new PTR-TOF 4000.

We showcased our new real-time trace VOC analyzer at our booth and attracted the crowds. Our team was supported by our US distributor Trace VOC.

We also hosted a Pittcon expo live demo that was filled to the very last seat available. At “The Air We Breathe In & Out at Pittcon” attendees could get their breath analyzed in real-time or have a look at the VOC composition in the expo hall. They also learned about air composition and VOCs in general as well as how to analyze them.

IONICON PTR-TOFMS are ultra-sensitive real-time analyzers for VOCs without any sample preparation. This allows you to capture process dynamics that would be lost when relying on traditional analytical methods or that other online analyzers simply are not sensitive enough for to detect.

We also offer a comprehensive data acquisition & processing software for scientific users as well as the new “Automated Measurement & Evaluation” (AME) tool that makes VOC analysis literally as simple as using your tablet. The best part of it is that our experienced scientists set it up for you, tailoring AME to your application and the VOCs that you would like to monitor.

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